Watching celebs or actress in lingerie is good, but sometimes nothing beats the excitement of seeing models that have specialty of doing underwear fashion photoshoot. These kind of girls always wear the sexiest lingerie in front of the camera, like some of these Indonesian models.

Meet Clara Diana, Baby Julia, Cut Baby, and Dena La Rosa in their hottest pics. I'm just curious why so many Indonesian chicks using the name of "Baby". Besides those two that I mentioned above, we also knew about the enormous Baby Margaretha. Maybe they thought of themselves as cute as a baby. Well, I have to agree with that.

Don't forget to check Indonesian Mixed Models in lingerie fashion.

1. Clara Diana

2. Baby Julia

3. Cut Baby

4. Dena La Rosa

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  1. Ciara Diana is so fine! Great pictures.


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English Actress Gemma Atkinson

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Asian Model Baby Margaretha

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